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Before the Spring Festival this year, a coronal pneumonia swept across the country like a wind.


I'm an art examinee. In recent days, there have been reports that the school test has been cancelled. At the beginning, I was most worried about myself - that my art test was in conflict and that my efforts of one year were wasted.


Then with the passage of time, only a day or two later, the plague like disease seemed to be a lot more serious at one time, and it seemed that the position of the disaster in my heart rose from the ordinary disease to an important position. In recent days, I have seen the despair of many medical staff in the isolation area, the silent efforts of many people around me, and the ignorance and ignorance of many people

然后随着时间的推移,时间只过了一两天,这场瘟疫一样的疾病好像一下子严重了好多,也好像一下子这场灾难在我心中的地位从普通的疾病上升到了一个重要的地位。这几天看到了很多医护人员在隔离区的绝望;看到了很多周围的人在默默努力着;也看到了很多人的愚昧与无知... ...

When the disease broke out, some people compared it with SARS. It's easy for me to think of Chai Jing's view on SARS in "see". One of the words that I remember deeply is that Chai Jing said that I will have a child many years later. I don't want my child to ask me "Mom, what did you do when you had SARS?" I replied, "your mother watches TV." Maybe it's also driven by such a sense of responsibility, which has been asking me to do something.


People around me think I'm too idealistic. I just need to be wise when disaster strikes. I thought so, but when I saw a petition, a picture of medical staff fighting on the front line, the tears would be surprisingly low.


Help the wounded and rescue the sick. This is what I carved on my desk for a long time. Being a doctor is also my dream for a long time. But for various reasons, I chose liberal arts and learned art, so I put down my dream of becoming a doctor. Over time, I also like the media industry I have learned, because in this industry, I can also spread my ideas in my own way, so as to help people I can help.


A sudden plague made me understand a lot. What I wanted to do was to take care of myself. My family, classmates and friends around me also kept asking me to study and do my own things. But I thought I was born with an unstable temperament. I wanted to do something meaningful. Maybe if I make a little more efforts, there will be a chance for one person to have a little more life: I once saw the subway station staff who could only expose their respiratory tract to the air because they couldn't buy masks in Changsha's most crowded subway station. I handed him a mask. He didn't open it for a long time, but folded it carefully and put it in his pocket, maybe for his family; also in the drugstore To an old man who is struggling with the price of a kn98 mask, he looks at his counteroffer with the shop assistant and is told "buy it, then you can't buy it when you have money." finally, he can only escape a handful of change from his jacket pocket and hand it to the cashier... It's the hardest thing to look at such a picture.

一场突如其来的瘟疫让我明白了许多,我曾想的真的就是管好自己,周围的家人,同学朋友也在不停的叫我去学习,去做自己的事情,但是我觉得我大概就是生来不安定的性子,我想做一些我觉得有意义的事情。或许我多一点点的努力,就会有一个人多一分生的可能:我曾经在长沙最拥挤的地铁站看到因为买不到口罩而只能将呼吸道暴露于空气中的地铁站工作人员,我递给他一个口罩,他纠结了很久也没有拆开,而是小心叠好放在口袋里,或许是留给家人吧;也在药店看到纠结一个kn98口罩的价格的老人家,看着他同店员还价却被一句“买就买,到时候有钱都买不到”顶回来,终是只能无奈的从夹衣口袋里逃出一把零钱一张张数好递给收银员... ....看着这样的画面,心里是最难受的。

I've also done stupid things: call the hospitals asking for help and ask them, can I have four extra masks? The doctor on the opposite side said thank you for your love. Four are too few, too few... Keep them for yourself. Thank you, thank you. After hanging up the phone, I realized that I was so small that I really wanted to do something. One's strength is not enough. I want to gather all the strength around me

也干过很蠢的事情:给求援的医院打电话,问他们,我有四个多余的口罩可以吗?对面的医生说谢谢你的爱心,四个太少了,太少了... ... 你自己留着吧 谢谢,谢谢。挂完电话之后才了解到自己的渺小,就是真的真的想做些什么。一个人的力量真的不够,我想要把周围的力量都聚集起来... ...

On New Year's Eve, there were various kinds of call for help on the Internet. I called one by one, but all the lines were busy. I didn't get through the Red Cross until two o'clock in the morning. The operator was very tired. He said that materials are still scarce and funds are not enough

除夕夜里,网上陆续出现了各种求援电话,我一一打过去,无一例外都占线,知道晚上凌晨两点,才接通红十字会的电话,接线员也很疲倦。他说物资还是很稀缺,资金还是不够... ...

I hope I can raise a sum of money and remit it directly to Wuhan Red Cross Society.


I will also list the amount of each person's donation and send it along with the remittance receipt.


I was born when SARS broke out in 2002, and I will take the college entrance examination when the coronal pneumonia broke out in 20 years.


I'm really small and can't do anything. Maybe that's all I can do.